Keeping Community Connected

At lnvictus X their expert team are dedicated to building amazing relationships and helping the community is at the heart of the business. As lnvictus X embarks on its reconciliation journey, its values and vision as a business are embedded into its Reconciliation Action Plan artwork created by local indigenous artist, Rhonda Sampson.

Rhonda is a proud Kamilaroi woman who lives on Dharawal country in South Western Sydney. Art is central to Rhonda's cultural identity, and she is passionate about sharing this with all people both Indigenous and non-Indigenous so they can come together on the journey of understanding Aboriginal culture, stories and identity.

Rhonda specialises in contemporary digital Aboriginal art. From a young age Rhonda was highly influenced by artists such as Albert Namatjira, Sally Morgan and Bronwyn Bancroft as well as her two idols Cathy Freeman and Eddie Mabo. She hopes that her art might also inspire the next generation of Indigenous artist to be proud of their culture.


''Art is a powerful tool that connects people. My vision is to empower others to embrace their creative talents and share that gift with the world. Dream beyond your ability. Create your vision. Inspire future generations."

- Rhonda Sampson



The centre of the artwork depicts lnvictus X at the centre with two boomerangs representing lnvictus X company logo. In the background are four dotted circles which represent the commitment to each RAP Pillars: Respect, Relationships, Opportunities and Governance. Surrounding the central motif are lnvictus X highly committed staff dedicated to going above and beyond. 

RAP Pillars

On either side of the central motif are the Reconciliation Action Plan Pillars: Respect, Relationships, Opportunities and Governance, each of these play a vital role in the delivery of lnvictus X reconciliation journey. 

Business Values 

Branching off the centre at the top of the artwork are lnvictus X's business values which are already embedded within lnvictus X these are: Integrity, Perseverance, Passion and People. 

Core Business 

Branching off the centre at the bottom of the artwork are a representation of lnvictus X's core business services IT, Audio Visual, Communications and Security. It is through these services that lnvictus X are able to play a role in keeping community connected. 

Community Support 

Featured across the artwork are groups communities across NSW that lnvictus X are supporting and keeping connected. Community is at the very heart of lnvictus X and they play a huge role in supporting all communities by establishing strong connections, long-term relationships and "Keeping Community Connected".